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Proton Therapy

Southern TOHOKU Proton Therapy Center

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Southern TOHOKU Proton Therapy Center Centerfs Customized Treatment of Cancer

Improvements to the treatment result of advanced cancer with the combination of proton beam and chemotherapy.
Development of a combination therapy of proton therapy with super-selective intra-arterial therapy for tongue cancer.
Development of a combination of proton therapy with immune cell therapy for liver cancer.
Development of a 1~2 day short-term irradiation method for early lung cancer.
Night-time irradiation is performed until 21:00, realizing therapy that requires no time off from work.
Worldfs first! Installation of a PET-CT just to verify the irradiated areas after proton therapy.

Procedure on proton therapy

1. Preparation

Patient immobilization device preparation

Patient immobilization device is prepared to stabilize the body.

CT and MRI imaging

After stabilization equipments are attached, CT and MRI examination are performed.

2. Plan

Treatment plan

The optimum irradiation plan is studied, after the lesion site is confirmed.

3. Rehearsal


On the day prior to the start of treatment, it is confirmed that the scheduled treatment can be performed in the actual treatment room.

Confirmation that the treatment device & treatment bed function

It is confirmed that the treatment bed and device that irradiates proton beam function according to the treatment plan.

4. Treatment

Small adjustments are made for each radiation to place the patient in a position that is in the treatment plan.

The proton beam is irradiated after the patient is positioned in a correct position.

5. Verification

After treatment, the areas irradiated by the proton beam are checked by PET-CT to verify that the proton beam was irradiated upon the target lesion in line with the treatment plan.

Each blast of proton beam is approximately 2-3 minutes.

Each blast is about 15-30 minutes, including patient positioning.

Currently, this treatment period is 4 days to about 8 weeks at maximum (37-39 radiation blasts), which is in the case of prostate cancer.


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