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EWhat is proton therapy
EWhat is the difference between proton beam (particle beam) therapy and traditional radiotherapy?
EWhat kind of things happens in the body after proton beam (particle beam) irradiation?
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Proton (particle beam) therapy demonstrates superior results in even diseases that are difficult to treat with traditional radiotherapy.

Conditions for which the effectiveness of proton therapy is confirmed are prostate cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, head and neck cancer (including sinus cancer), and eye tumor (including uveal melanoma).
These conditions were all difficult to treat with traditional radiation and surgery.
Gradually, we are seeing clear results that proton therapy produces superior results in the treatment of cancers for which we were not really able to see results in the past.
Clinical trials are performed at many sites, and we expect that the indication for proton therapy will grow in the future.


Characteristics of proton beam (particle beam) therapy

  • This therapy reduces damages to normal tissue.
  • This proton beam can also be blasted on cancer cells that are located near organs which are easily affected by radiation.
  • Outpatient irradiation treatment is possible, while maintaining your job and daily routines.
  • This therapy is gentle for the elderly
  • Compared to surgery and the like, this therapy creates fewer obstacles in returning to work after surgery.

What is a proton beam (particle beam)?

Radiation that is utilized in cancer treatment can be grouped into two types, which are photon beam and particle beam.
Photon beam is a light wave, and utilized in traditional radiotherapy, which utilize x-rays and gamma rays.
Particle beam is radiation that utilizes literally ions of carbon and hydrogen nucleus, and particle beam therapy is treatment that utilizes, in particular, proton beam and heavy ion beam from among the particle beams. Our center introduces proton therapy, which utilizes proton beam from among the particle beams.

Proton is a particle (ion) that has ripped away the electrons from a hydrogen atom, and carries a positive charge.
When a proton is accelerated to high energy using an accelerator, the proton becomes an ionizing radiation with high permeability. This ionizing radiation is proton beam.

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